Custom embroidered t-shirts

To embroider your t-shirt order, it is necessary that you first send your artwork. Through our internal embroidery point simulator system, we can determine how many embroidery stitches will be required to personalize your embroidered blouse.

Unlike other printing techniques such as silk screen and sublimation, the application of embroidery requires a bit more care to ensure everything turns out the way you expect.

Therefore, before sending the order for production, we analyze your artwork and create a vector of your design so that the machine can perform the embroidery stitch by stitch, without any errors.

In order to confirm your final approval, we also create a model on TNT fabric. This makes it easier to visualize how the embroidered shirt will look once it's done.

The most interesting part is that you can embroider the products in any color you desire. Dimona offers a wide range of thread colors for you to choose the ideal shade. If you don't find the perfect color in our catalog, you can simply send your own 100% polyester and embroidery-specific thread to the Dimona factory.

Advantages of embroidered shirts for your business

Whether it's a t-shirt or a polo shirt, embroidered shirts carry sophistication and high quality. And you can bring the best to your company!

The raised texture of the embroidery highlights the artwork and can help people recognize your brand much more quickly, not to mention the delicacy and shine of the thread used by Dimona.

If you want to create clothing for campaigns and events or uniforms for your business, investing in embroidered shirts is the best choice. To make the pieces even more elegant, there's nothing better than opting for the versatility and beauty of personalized embroidered polo shirts.

Also, explore silk carousel and HD silk, other printing techniques applied here at Dimona.

State-of-the-art Embroidery, found at Dimona!

With cutting-edge machinery produced in Japan, Dimona offers the best t-shirt embroidery for personalizing various pieces. With no minimum order requirement and on any type of fabric, you can print letters and vectorized artwork with the best cost-effectiveness. Check out the quality of Dimona's embroidery!


Technical Specification

To prepare the design for embroidery, it needs to be converted into a vector format. The embroidery machine's own program traces the design and calculates the number of stitches required to create the image. Therefore, it's important to send artwork with high resolution so that the program can accurately interpret the image.

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